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Why do so many bees appear in the summer?

Between three and four reports of the presence of beehives are received daily, especially during the summer, when these insects proliferate. This is because during this period, new “queens” are born in the honeycombs of wild bees when they go out to look for new places where to form their own honeycomb.

Bees are the most important pollinating agent in our environment. For mankind to obtain food such as fruits and vegetables, it depends largely on the work done by bees, who fertilize the flowers that produce the fruits we consume. If you become aware of the existence of a honeycomb in your house,you need to contact professional beekeepers in your area, so that they can come to remove and save them.

If you know where it is (the honeycomb) and you are worried that it may put your family at risk, you can call us at Delpa Bee Removal. We have a team of beekeepers who will remove the bee hive. You must not bother the bees, because they can react and sting. Neither you should use insecticides, smoke or any remedy usually used to kill or isolate them.

You should contact a professional bee removal service so a beekeeper can come to remove and protect them, moving the, to an apiary where they will be performing the function for which they were created. It should be noted that although these beekeepers – mostly – do the work on a voluntary basis, some monetary input is required in cases where a panel has to be removed from the wall or ceiling to reach the honeycomb.

The reconstruction of any damage that occurs during the rescue, is the responsibility of the customer.

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