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What to do?

Now that you have a bee problem.

Roses are red, violets are blue, spring has arrived, bees have come too. Yes, bees are here to make the world go around, and they will not stop when the right goal is on sight (well, only a good night sleep might be the excuse for a small break). But even the hard working bees can get tired, and they need to rest properly. In order to sleep properly they need a proper space for them to sleep. And guess what’s the trend in bee resorts currently? That’s correct: roofs and houses. Basically, and most probably, your house.

You must be thinking “certainly that will never happen to me” but it’s way more common than you can imagine. So what do you do if a beehive is in your house? Here’s a little guide than can help you out managing this situation.

First of all, do not try to remove them by your own.

Yes, you might feel tempted to take action by yourself, but this is a potentially dangerous decision. Bees are beautiful animals, but if bothered they can be pretty aggressive. Let an expert deal with this.

How can i choose the expert that fits my needs?

A quick look at the web can provide a lot of answer, sometimes making the decision of who to call a little trickier than it may need to be. A good way to know who can help you out with this is making this easy questions:


  • Do they exterminate bees or relocate bees?
  • What is the method used in relocating bees?


Once those questions are answered you can start to take decisions.

In DELPA Bee Removal the most important for us is to take care of bees in a harmless and non toxic manner. We do that by taking a different approach in relocating bees by using ethical methods.

If you or a close one are currently experiencing a similar situation, call the experts at DELPA Bee Removal to get the proper orientation to take care of your bee issues.

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