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Although less talked about, bees are in danger, our bad agricultural practices are killing them, pesticides are killing them, monocultures and transgenic ingredients kill them by malnutrition, the millions of electromagnetic waves of our mobile antennas affect them too. Also some greedy beekeepers empty the honey from the hives and substitute them with a sugar-based substitute, which causes more deaths from malnutrition.

Many years ago the great Albert Einstein warned us: “When bees are extinguished, so will the man.”

While it may be a bit exaggerated, there is some reason to this… The bees, aside from producing the world’s only non-perishable food, are also responsible for most of the pollination that is done daily in the world. Without pollination, many fruits and vegetables that we have today will disappear reducing our diet, causing malnutrition and a good number of diseases. Apples, cherries, almonds [...]

Bees pollinate 70% of the food we eat, and they’re dying at frightening rates. Once a hive is installed it will be very hard to get rid of it, especially on roofs where they are sheltered from the inclement weather and they are not bothered. Even if the hive is destroyed for some reason bees will end up creating another because they are attracted by the smell of the wax and even though the smell is imperceptible to human beings, bees will detect it from miles away, and this is the main reason why in time of swarms, bees will keep creating hives.

As a professional beekeeper company, we want to make sure these bees are saved and relocated to safer environments. We have a strong network of people who have beehives and we transport them to their facilities so they can keep them safe.A very important thing [...]

The life cycle of the bee, referred to here, is exclusively the domesticated bee, which depends largely on its social structure. Unlike a colony of bumblebees or a colony of wasps, the life of a colony of bees is perennial. There are two queen bee breeds, which produce eggs, and worker bees, which are all non-breeding females.

For drones (males) their only duty is to find and mate with a queen. The queen lays the eggs individually in the cells of the honeycomb and the larvae leaves the eggs in there for three or four days. Queens are then fed by worker bees and they develop through various stages in the cells. Queens and drones are larger than worker bees and therefore require larger cells to develop.

A typical colony may consist of tens of thousands of individuals. Although some colonies live in [...]

If you find that there are many bees lurking around your house, there is most likely to be a honeycomb at home, the first thing to do is identify where it is. It is not the same as the honeycomb being in a tree than on a roof or within the beams of a building. This is the first part and is one of the most important, you have to call with a professional to have the honeycomb and bees removed.

1 – Depending on where you are, it can be more or less difficult to remove.

They can be on trees, roofs, walls, chimneys or on a narrow area where they find it safe to build their colony.Honeybees are more active during spring and summer in temperate zones, and are almost always active in warm areas. In addition, bees always make their honeycombs in the form of panels, [...]

Bee nests are very common in San Diego, since the attic is protected from the elements, it is warm and welcoming to various types of bees and wasps. Paper wasps are very common in San Diego and they are very common in areas of Southern California. Controlling different types of wasps and bees may involve chemical or mechanical methods; Professional companies must deal with large colonies or aggressive species.

Paper wasps

Paper wasps are sometimes called umbrella wasps because their nests resemble the shape of an umbrella with exposed honeycomb cells at the bottom. The queen seeks and the nest begins at the beginning of the summer; Early June is the best time to deal with a nest because it is still small. To control these wasps in your attic, use a small broom if there is only the queen. Use a wasp and hornet spray during the summer. This spray to wasps at a distance; The poison makes the [...]

Between three and four reports of the presence of beehives are received daily, especially during the summer, when these insects proliferate. This is because during this period, new “queens” are born in the honeycombs of wild bees when they go out to look for new places where to form their own honeycomb.

Bees are the most important pollinating agent in our environment. For mankind to obtain food such as fruits and vegetables, it depends largely on the work done by bees, who fertilize the flowers that produce the fruits we consume. If you become aware of the existence of a honeycomb in your house,you need to contact professional beekeepers in your area, so that they can come to remove and save them.

If you know where it is (the honeycomb) and you are worried that it may put your family at risk, you [...]

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