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Cost of BeeRemoval

What is the cost of bee removal?

We may be quoted with a few simple questions and photographs most of the time. Our services start as little as $325+taxes and can go as high as $2k; however, we can usually offer a good estimate figure based on the initial inspection.

Bee removal costs are affected by a variety of factors.

It will depend on several important aspects of how much your bee nest removal will ultimately cost. The most expensive component of bee removal is generally the expense of fixing the areas of your home that the bees have harmed.

We will go through each of these price elements with you and explain how they affect the overall cost of bee removal so that there are no unpleasant surprises when you receive your bill.

Various types of bees

You may be charged differently depending on the type of bee you have. For several reasons, this is the case. First, some bees are more deadly than others, posing a bigger threat. Furthermore, certain bees are more beneficial to the ecosystem than others, and it is thus preferable to transfer them rather than eliminate them.

Some bees are more destructive to a home than others.


The location of the bee hive might have an impact on how much you will be paid for removal services. Why? Beehive removal will be easier in some portions of your house or property than in others. Other areas of your home or property may require more restoration once the bees have been eliminated.

Honeybees prefer to build their nests in trees, but mason and sweat bees prefer to build their nests in soil. Among the most dangerous bees to be aware of are carpenter bees. In your walls, they are constructing nests for their offspring.

The Infestation’s total coverage area

If your Infestation is large, the difficulty of eradicating it will be greater. It is possible for nests to develop up to 4 feet in length and to contain over 80,000 individual bees in one location.

It is dependent on the species that the size of the beehive will vary. The nests of bumblebees contain just 50 to 400 bees on average, but those of honeybees contain anything from 30,000 to 60,000 bees. It takes around 6.5 cubic gallons of room to house a honeybee nest. If you have a high bee colony, you should anticipate paying more money.

Damage repairs following the removal of bees

The expense of cleaning up and repairing your home after the bees have been removed is by far the most significant aspect that might impact the cost of bee removal. Following an effective bee removal, you may require the services of a skilled carpenter to restore damaged walls, ceilings, or roofs. It may easily pile up in terms of money spent on this.

You should anticipate paying between $2,000 and $4,000 for some of the most frequent house repairs required once the bees have left.

Structure damage caused by bees can vary greatly from Infestation to Infestation, accounting for the large price range for repairs.

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