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The Importance of Bees and How to Save Them from Extinction

When bees are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a sting and honey. Although bee stings can be quite painful, bees are not pests. They are an essential part of our ecosystem.

Sadly, bees are in grave danger, and if we don’t take care of bees, they will soon be no more. Bees are becoming a fast-declining species, primarily due to increased pesticide use, and we need to save them from becoming extinct.

Our guide will discuss the importance of bees and how you can help save them

Why are Bees Important?

Bees are fantastic animals, and here is how they are essential both to us and to the environment:

1.- They Help in Pollination

Bees are the leading agent of pollination. Interestingly, our diet is highly reliant on cross-pollination, which bees make possible alongside other pollinators. Failure to have pollinators like bees means resorting to artificial pollination methods.

2.- Boost Sustenance Farmers

Bees are beneficial to people living in developed countries. Most developed countries urge communities to practice beekeeping for easy pollination of food crops, which results in sustainable living.

3.- Economic Growth

It is amazing how such small animals could contribute to economic growth. Bees, though tiny, make a significant contribution to the food industry. It is estimated that bee activity contributes as much as $15 billion to the US crop industry.

4.- Bees Encourage Biodiversity

Other than helping in pollination, bees enrich landscapes and significantly contribute to the general countryside and gardens. By pollinating wildflowers, they enhance biodiversity and add beauty to gardens.

5.- Indicators of a Healthy Environment

Honey bees play a significant role in determining whether the environment is healthy. Their by-products such as wax, honey, and pollen can be analyzed to gauge the level of pollution. Besides, honey bees produce colonies that have a considerably long survival rate.

What You Can Do To Save Bees from Extinction

Here are some suggestions on what you can do to help save bees:

  • Plant More Flowers

Having more flowers in your garden will help create a floral bee oasis. You can plant different flowers in each season. Bees are picky, and they prefer visiting one flower at a time.

  • Avoid Using Pesticides

The main threat to bee existence is the use of pesticides. Even with minimal use, pesticides will be toxic to bees. Therefore consider using natural alternatives in your gardens such as vinegar or garlic sprays to keep pests at bay.

  • Give them Water

Leave our shallow container with clean water near your gardens or in an open space around your house. Bees, too, need clean water to control their temperature and produce food.

  • Don’t Kill Bees

If you notice bee infestation in your home, the first instinct will be to find a way to kill them. However, you should seek bee infestation removal experts and ask them to get rid of the bees.

You can help protect bees by using organic pesticides, giving them water, and planting more flowers. If you ever have to deal with a bee infestation, consider getting professional infestation removal. Bee infestation and relocation experts are knowledgeable and have unique skills to help you get rid of bee infestation. They will also help bees continue living by finding them a new natural home.

Final Words

Some people might consider bees as pests or harmful insects. However, they play a vital role in the environment. Instead of eliminating or killing them, call some bee infestation experts. They will take care of them for you without killing them, so it’s a win-win situation.

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