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Bees are lovely insects, and we appreciate them. Bees are among the most heavily distributed insects in the world especially the honey bee. They help in the pollination of flowers, vegetables, and fruits but most importantly they produce honey which offers a lot of benefits.

Bees can be harmful when they reside in urban areas and pose a direct threat to people, animals, and their property mainly if their hive is disturbed. The honey produced by the bees can as well turn sour and create an unpleasant stench which can potentially attract pests like roaches, raccoons, rats among others.

Pest Control Companies face many challenges while removing pests. If you have got bees situation then get in touch with Delpa Bee Removal Company. We provide top quality bee removal services for pest control companies. Our services for the pest control companies will have reasonable charges and guaranteed work.

There is a wide variety of bee species available, and some are very docile and do not bother anyone. There are types of bees that do not have stingers. The different bee species most commonly available are the honey bees, carpenter bees, Africanized bees, and bumble bees.

The honey bees and Africanized bees both have stingers, travel in swarms and are protective of their territory. The Africanized bees, in particular, are incredibly aggressive and have a much broader territory.

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About our Bee Removal Services

Bee removal is regarded as an emergency service. At Delpa bee removal, we specialize in control, prevention, extermination and removal of bees. Our bee removal services comprise of safe removal and relocation of beneficial honey bees.

Our team is well trained, staffs are appropriately equipped, we are also licensed, and our primary objective is to assist on 24hr Emergency bee removal. If any pest removal company needs our services we will provide high quality services to them.

Our company focuses on addressing the unwanted pests and works hand in hand with our clients to ensure there is no disruption on their day to day routine. A beehive in a yard can be challenging if there are children in the home but even worse for those with bee sting allergies. Having bees around their proximity can be hazardous and life-threatening. At Delpa we are experts in dealing with bee control solutions which are eco-friendly and safe to humans.

Bee Removal  in Houston

We deal with all types of bee infestation, and our team is focused on doing away with bee swarms, hives or colonies without exterminating them. We offer bee removal and control services in Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City, San Antonio, League City, Conroe, Woodlands, Austin, Cypress, and Katy. We ensure a safe removal process without the use of unsafe chemicals or any method that can be possibly harmful to the clients and the bees.

We handle every situation differently and with its strategy about the type of bees involved. Depla experts remove a hive’s odor by cleaning and treating the affected area. We also have a specialist who assists by advising how to manage and seal around the client’s home perimeter. All services provided are effectively done as well as our company guarantees customer satisfaction.

Bee Removal for Pest Control Companies in Houston

Our company is also one of the members of the Texas Beekeepers Association. It grants us access to the Texas’ local Apiaries which allows us to rescue the bees and transfer them there where they can continue honey production and crop pollination. We also offer structural sealing and repair which protects homes from future bee infestation problems. Our team is always there to provide long-term solutions on bee related problems and our services are always available.

Our company removes bees on houses by using safe techniques. Bees on homes may result in interior ceiling destruction and breaking through walls. We eradicate beehives on the roof, and even though the bees may not sting the clients, if they feel threatened they can become aggressive and attack them. We also do get rid of a beehive in walls because due to the large quantity of honey produced it can result in wall destruction.

Bee Removal for Pest Control Companies

It is advisable not to spray chemicals or pesticides on the bees since this can aggravate them. Do not throw objects like stones or sticks on to the colonies as this will provoke them to attack. Bee removal is better left to experts, and DIY solutions may prove to be a bad idea or worsen the situation. Our services are readily available for pest control services, and you can contact us for all bee related problems.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call right now. You will have no regrets in doing so for sure. In fact, you may end up recommending us to your other colleagues in Texas as soon as possible.


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