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Swarm removal is one delicate theme, because swarms are the ones who make more attacks but only if they are bothered. They are located within 100 yards of the colony and once they have been seen, again, the most important thing to do is contact as soon as possible professionals like our team. We can prevent future attacks or the construction of a hive in a non-convenient place like homes or near homes. As we said, honeybees attack only if they are bothered but the word here is prevention. People can avoid trouble only by doing the right thing.


The principal cause that makes possible the creation of a swarm is when seasons are changing. When the temperature is rising, they create the swarm by pure instinct. By this mode, the productivity of the bees is more efficient because of the warm months. They do all this to get prepare to hibernate in winter. But not all is productivity when a swarm is conformed. When the lack of honey and the supply of pollen it is too high, the number of bee increases and the worker bees start to be inactive.

There are types of swarms, the ones who protect the queen and the ones made by virgin bees that contain less number of bees. The creation of a swarm is a natural action in the colony of bees. Another explanation to comprehend the swarms is the result of overpopulation in a hive. When a hive is running out of space the old queen bee abandon the hive with the half of the workers and in the old hive, a new queen bee start to command with the rest of the workers.


 A swarm can be easily conformed by hundreds or thousands of bees and one queen bee. And when they are out, they have a job. They pose hours or fly around a random place looking for the correct place for the new swarm. Once is found by any bee, the whole group fly to the chosen place to start building.

When they are in those big swarms they look pretty scary, they are inoffensive until the moment you start to provoke them, and believe, they are easy to provoke. Don’t manipulate them or be around them, just look for a nice place to hide and then call Bee Removal professionals. People most of the time don’t realize the types of bees they are dealing with and the result can be lethal or really painful. Generally they don’t attack because they are far away from the hive, so they are less protective but is better to be safe.

For that reason the recommendation we always give affected property owners is to call a Bee Swarm Removal professional without hesitation. The best decision and the best action is calling us. Our knwoledge in bee behavior allows us to understand their behavior and to persuade the swarm to relocate it to thrieving location. Extermination is not an option.  When performing our Bee Swarm Removal service, we take all possible measures to preserve the life of bees so that they can continue producing delicious honey!


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