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Bees Are In Danger!

Although less talked about, bees are in danger, our bad agricultural practices are killing them, pesticides are killing them, monocultures and transgenic ingredients kill them by malnutrition, the millions of electromagnetic waves of our mobile antennas affect them too. Also some greedy beekeepers empty the honey from the hives and substitute them with a sugar-based substitute, which causes more deaths from malnutrition.

Many years ago the great Albert Einstein warned us: “When bees are extinguished, so will the man.”

While it may be a bit exaggerated, there is some reason to this… The bees, aside from producing the world’s only non-perishable food, are also responsible for most of the pollination that is done daily in the world. Without pollination, many fruits and vegetables that we have today will disappear reducing our diet, causing malnutrition and a good number of diseases. Apples, cherries, almonds are some of the crops that are already being affected by this lack of bees.

If the bees disappear, so would 60% of the fruits and vegetables we consume today. Bees pollinate more than 70% of the little more than 100 species of crops that feed us today and make up 90% of our food.

And what can we do?

Well, the first thing is not to use aerosols, these that kill flies, mosquitoes etc. They also kill bees.

You can plant flowers everywhere you can, so that bees have food.

Not buying transgenic products, not buying processed food from large multinationals, trying to buy organic foods, also, trying to grow our own food, even a part of it, is a way of attacking the agro-industrial food model to which we are subject.

Sharing and disseminating this kind of information is vital to make more people aware of the problem.

Bees are a source of life; they give us food and medicine and ask very little in return, stop killing them and help such noble insects.

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