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Bee Removal Benefits

Bees pollinate 70% of the food we eat, and they’re dying at frightening rates. Once a hive is installed it will be very hard to get rid of it, especially on roofs where they are sheltered from the inclement weather and they are not bothered. Even if the hive is destroyed for some reason bees will end up creating another because they are attracted by the smell of the wax and even though the smell is imperceptible to human beings, bees will detect it from miles away, and this is the main reason why in time of swarms, bees will keep creating hives.

As a professional beekeeper company, we want to make sure these bees are saved and relocated to safer environments. We have a strong network of people who have beehives and we transport them to their facilities so they can keep them safe.A very important thing to consider is to make sure the access hole is closed shut and the area is thoroughly cleaned so that other bees are not attracted by the smell. Do not use any cleaner that smells like citrus, because these will end up attracting them again.

Please call DELPA bee removal if you experience bee hives in your house or building.

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