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Bee Nests in San Diego

Bee nests are very common in San Diego, since the attic is protected from the elements, it is warm and welcoming to various types of bees and wasps. Paper wasps are very common in San Diego and they are very common in areas of Southern California. Controlling different types of wasps and bees may involve chemical or mechanical methods; Professional companies must deal with large colonies or aggressive species.

Paper wasps

Paper wasps are sometimes called umbrella wasps because their nests resemble the shape of an umbrella with exposed honeycomb cells at the bottom. The queen seeks and the nest begins at the beginning of the summer; Early June is the best time to deal with a nest because it is still small. To control these wasps in your attic, use a small broom if there is only the queen. Use a wasp and hornet spray during the summer. This spray to wasps at a distance; The poison makes the wasps “freeze” into contact. If you discover the nest next to the fall, it may be best to wait until it is cold. Wasps die in the fall and winter. You can also put a plastic bag in the nest at night and place it in the freezer or in the sun. European paper wasps are much more aggressive than their domestic cousins, and their colonies grow in the thousands. Hire a professional if you have a very large nest.


Bees usually do not nest in the attic, but in holes in the wall. You can use the attic as an entry point to reach the holes in the wall, so they can find flying around your attic. Bees do not cause structural damage to their home, and can usually live peacefully with bees. Exterminating the bees requires some diligence, and may require the assistance of a professional pest control agency. When you exterminate bees, remove the leftover honey and honeycomb such as rodents and other insects to view this as a free buffet.

Clay wasps

Mud-building wasps are solitary wasps and very reluctant to sting. Unlike bees, paper wasps and hornets, like yellow jackets, these wasps do not even inhabit the clay nests they build. The wasp female construction worker will see her attic as an ideal place to build her many clay pipes because she is warm and protected from the elements. Nests are just mud pipes on vertical surfaces. Clay wasps are very beneficial; They paralyze a spider and a spider of things in each nest for the larva just to feed. Because of this, they are ideal for having everything if you do not like spiders near or at home. To get rid of wasp nest building nests, scrape them and throw them away.

Yellow jackets

Like bees, yellow jackets can enter through their attic to make their nests on the walls. You can, however, find a suitable place in your attic. Yellow jackets usually build nests on the ground, sometimes in landscape woods on the ground or on fallen logs. Of most wasps and hornets, these may be the most dangerous because they are more aggressive. If the nest is exposed, spray with a wasp and hornet at night. Because yellows are so aggressive, you may want to hire a professional to attend to the problem.

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