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Why do I keep having bees?

Are you tired of having bee problems? This is a very common problem because people think that using a regular spray or calling pest control is enough, but most of the times it isn’t; the bees keep coming back (or maybe they were never gone), because of the smell from past hives, this means that the hive was not removed effectively.

You should know that if the bees have been in the wall for more than a few days, wax combs probably are stored within the wall. You may not believe, but sometimes, depending on the time the hive was there, the honey can weight as much as 40 pounds within a wall. So if this honey is not removed by a professional, the remaining honey will attract another swarm of bees, or eventually ferment and run down the wall or ceiling.

If you keep having bees at your home, Call Us immediately so we can help you and the bees, remember bees should always be respected.

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