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Pest Control and DELPA Bee Removal

We often receive calls from our customers telling us that they are desperate and they don’t know what to do with the bees, because they have called pest control companies and they said they use pesticide to kill the bees, but at the end of a week or two, they start to see bees again, why is this happening?

Simply because pest control only kills some of the bees, they do not remove the hive nor the honey, and you must know that if the honey is not completely removed, the bees are definitely coming back because of the smell. The remaining honey and wax will either attract another swarm of bees, or eventually ferment and run down the wall or ceiling of your house. Some pest control can kill the bees with an insecticide, but if you have seen the bees for more than a week, wax combs and honey may already be stored within the wall, so the longer the colony has been there, the greater is the likelihood that large amounts comb and honey have been accumulated, so it is really important that you know the difference between exterminating and removing the bees.

If you see bees in your home call DELPA or any other bee removal experts, because if you call some pest control company, you will be waisting your money, exterminating the bees its just a temporary solution for the bees. Also, you should know that if pest control just kill the bees and they leave the hive, it would be unattended; sure, you will not have bees surrounding your home anymore, but if you look inside the wall that the bees were, you would see the larva death, and the honey ferments and mold, so this usually leads to having a whole bunch of insects that we are sure you don’t want, like roaches, rats, mice, beetles.

It may see expensive at first, because thats another difference, pest control may be cheaper at first, but at the end you will end paying double remember it. We want to help you, and also we wan to help the bees to stay alive, we do not kill them, we relocate it to our bee keeper in Brazoria, Texas, you are more than welcome to visit us and see our honey bees doing their work in the right place!.

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