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I can see bees in my house, but I can’t find their nest.

Most of our customers don’t know how serious their bee problem can be. Some of the time you can see one or two bees surrounding your house, or even they can be inside, but you can’t find where their nest is located. This probably means that the bees are now in your house, in your walls, roof, attic, jacuzzi, under the house, etc,. What can you do?

First of all, you should know that the honey bees will do no damage to your building, unlike other pests as termites. Some of the people see the bees and they decide to leave them there for many years until the problem becomes bigger, because the honey and the nest attract other bees, rodents and insects.

If you have bees at your home, Call Us immediately so we can help you and the bees, remember bees should always be respected.

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