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What to do If You See a Swarm of Bees

If you weren’t scared of bees already, then you may be once you come face to face with a huge swarm of them. Typically, a swarm of bees will contain thousands of the buzzing creatures, with a queen as the spearhead. So, if one decides to set up in shop in your backyard, it’s going to be pretty daunting. But, it’s worth noting that swarms are not aggressive, and while it may seem like they’re out to attack, they’re actually very docile.

Then, what is the purpose of a swarm of bees?

Every year, around springtime when the flowers are starting to blossom, a bee colony will begin the process of finding a new home. Half of the original colony, along with the queen, will flock the nest on the search for their new residence. During their journey, they may stop off in places, such as a tree in your backyard, before they continue looking for a more permanent residence.

But, for many people, there’s still a reason to be concerned, so here’s what you should do:

Don’t try to warn them off

Our natural instincts are to become defensive, and that generally means trying to remove the swarms of bees by any means necessary. But, if you try to spray it with pesticide, whack it with an object, or throw things at it, the swarm will respond in a similar manner. This may well involve them spreading and attacking. So, for your own safety, and the bees, it’s important that you don’t take this approach.

Keep your distance

The best option as soon as you spot the swarm of bees is to just keep your distance and give it some space. If you don’t get too close, they’ll have no reason to become protective over the queen. But, considering the queen bee stops feeding right before the colony swarms, she’ll too be riled very easily. Those with allergies should pay special attention to this step, because a sting may prove to be catastrophic!

Be patient

This leads us on to this point – just be patient. It’s very unlikely that the swarm of bees are going to make your backyard as their permanent residence and are probably just taking a pit-stop. If you keep your distance, leave it alone, and just spectate, you’ll notice that they’ll leave and go elsewhere within a couple of days, so there really is no reason to panic.

Call a professional (recommended)

If you believe the swarm is choosing your backyard as their new home (lucky you), or you just want the swarm of bees to be removed straight away, then just call a professional. They’ll be able to collect the bees in a safe manner and release them in a destination that keeps them out of harm’s way. If you don’t know, the bee population is currently on the decline, so it’s wise to get a professional to take care of them.

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