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Spring Homeowner Haunted by Bee Infestation

How would you feel waking up to a wall dripping with sweet, juicy honey? No, you’re not dreaming; you are not in some kind of weird fantasy either. You are staring at your new neighbors making themselves at home: hundreds of live, buzzing bees already making your bedroom wall their new hive!

This exact same situation happened to a woman who lives in Spring, Texas. She found herself in a sticky situation after roofers came and discovered a huge bee problem. The bees were not just making themselves at home within her roof but were also creating honey within her walls. To make things worse, contractors wouldn’t touch her roof unless the bee problem was resolved.

The woman called a local bee removal service to deal with the problem. The specialists evaluated the problem and found that honey was coming from the cracks and crevices in the crown molding. The contractors smoked and pulled out the bees which were estimated to be more than 50,000.

Delpa Bee Removal to the rescue

Bees are beneficial to nature as these highly social insects can pollinate flowers to make fruit. Among these are cherries, sunflowers, watermelons, cucumbers and more. But there are also times when bees become a problem. These insects can multiply and create huge colonies which can wreak havoc to your property. Bees don’t really sting unless they are provoked. But to be safe, you need the help of professionals to take care of any bee infestation in your property.

Delpa Bee Removal offers professional bee removal and relocation services. What makes Delpa better than any other bee removal service is that they don’t use toxic chemicals to remove bees. Traditional chemicals to remove bees are very harmful to humans, pets and to livestock, therefore, it is a good idea to use natural techniques to remove bees.

Delpa rescues bee colonies and relocates them to a safer environment where these insects can live and thrive. Delpa Bee Removal is a member of the Texas Beekeepers Association which removes bees and takes them to local apiaries in Texas to continue pollinating crops and to produce more honey. Delpa implements long-term solutions to remove bees and will also help repair and seal any damage to your home or property which also prevents future bee infestations.

Delpa Bee Removal wants to protect families and properties and create a safer place to live. This company offers bee removal services in the areas of Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Sugar Land, League City, The Woodlands, Missouri City, Katy, and Conroe. Contact Delpa Bee Removal now.


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