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A lot of people in the world have seen a bee, a bee comb or have been sting once in their life time by a one. Some of them are allergic so their reaction would be different from the people that aren’t allergic. But, Should we blame them for building their hives near us? Absolutely not, they are just insects and they do what they do just because their instinct. Despite of they are insects, they are pretty intelligent. We are the ones who have to take care and have consideration, first preventing the entrance and the construction, second, call professionals in case of emergency. Here you are going to find some tips to have in mind and then to consider our services.


As we said, we need to understand that bees are insects and they follow their instinct and their patrons. It depends on some behaviors and decisions they make. They find more attractive big groups, so when they join then the group will be increasing step by step, is easy to a bee to find it even more attractive. They think big groups are a synonym of bigger and more productive hives. They are allowed to analyze by visiting the place that have been choose and make a decision. Bees need a big space, great conditions (temperature) and a big enough swarm to develop every activity and every position. They prefer houses because those are secure locations, they provide protection and the bees built in hiding places but places where the morning sun faces because it would maintain stable the temperature inside the hive.


The major risk is an attack and reproductions, but they only attack if they find themselves in danger. You must remove the objects that can provide conditions to the creation of the hives and you must analyze the sides of the house the morning sun lights because those are sites the bees prefer. Once actions are taken and you find a hive our recommendation is to call professionals. Some people remove them by themselves and they don’t do it properly so in a few days a new hive appear because they return where they built because they recognize good conditions.


Massive reproductions is another big problem, they can infest a house, once they have built and have had enough time to procreate, they are going to grow faster and they can debilitate the structure of a house. You must check open places and possible hidden places, holes in the walls, in the roof and the chimneys. The presence of big hives would lead to bigger operations, so the conditions of your home would change because we need to remove and control the whole situation through our Bee Removal Service.


We remove the problem facing the nucleus, the bee comb, there is where they live, they work and where the queen is. If we remove the entire hive first, the bees will follow it and they will leave the place. We need to do a very precise exercise because they have a pretty accurate sense of smell so they will recognize where a hive was and start a new one. The smell could be there even for months if the process and if the elements aren’t removed correctly by professionals. While performing our Bee Removal Service we don’t use poisons that could put in danger human beings and we don’t kill the bees or destroy the environments, we relocate them into a safe place where they could make all those activities and where they don’t represent a danger for humans.


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