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Honey Bee Removal Services in Texas and California


Our Most Requested Services:

Bee Removal

Delpa experts remove bees and relocate them to a safer environment where they pollinate crops and produce honey. We do not expose our customers or our bees to poisons or pesticides.


Hive Removal

Delpa expert also needs to remove the odor of a hive. The hive must be removed very thoroughly, and the hive space must be cleaned and treated.


Swarm Removal

Swarm is usually located within 100 yards of the parent colony. Although swarming honey bees have little interest in stinging people you should stay away and call a Delpa bee Keeper immediately. They have sent out scout bees to find a safe place to set up their new colony, you want Delpa Bee Removal to come and relocate them before they move into your home.


Seal Entrance/Exit

When we remove bee hives from buildings, we repair any openings made to extract the hive, and completely seal the structure as a final precaution.


Honey Comb Removal and Structural Repairs

Delpa expert technicians have years of experience repairing stucco, drywall, plaster, carpentry, siding and roofs (roof repairs are guaranteed leak-free).


Prevention / New Service!

Once Delpa Bee Removal experts have finished removing bees, hives, and cleaning the affected area, Bee hive removal specialist will advise you to treat and caulk around your home perimeter. This is done in order to prevent remnant bees from returning and colonizing your home year after year, costing you more expenses.


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